Mikael Øverlie Boukhal is a recurring character in the third and fourth season of Skam. He is a friend of Elias Bakkoush and Even Bech Næsheim. He frequently appears in Hei Briskeby.

Early life Edit

He attended Elvebakken School and has since graduated. Mikael took Media Studies as one of his subjects. He used to be Even's best friend and reconciled their friendship during Season 4.

Throughout the Series Edit

Season 4 Edit

Isak told Sana that he punched Mikael out of jealousy, so Elias punched Isak in retaliation.

Mikael referred to Even as his "brave best bud" and wished Isak a happy birthday (via a Messenger chat between Mikael and Even).

When Sana arrives home, Mikael is seen playing a game with Elias (Sana's older brother), Adam, Mutasim, and Yousef. Sana asks them what's up and Mikael tells them to let Sana try the game. Mikael is seen chatting with Mutta and Chris Berg at the house party they all went to.

During the fight outside the karaoke bar, Mikael is seen pushing Jonas and Jonas pushes him back.

He appears on the show's final clip.

Personality Edit

He is cheerful and always up for fun.

Physical Appearance Edit

Mikael has wavy, brown hair.

Relationships Edit

Mikael has a close relationship with Adam, Elias, Mutasim, and Yousef. In some Hei Briskeby videos, he is seen to be holding hands with Adam. He also kisses Adam's hand in one occasion.

Appearances Edit

Character Appearances
Season 1 Season 2 Season 3 Season 4
Episode 1 Absent Absent Absent Appears
Episode 2 Absent Absent Mentioned Mentioned
Episode 3 Absent Absent Absent Appears
Episode 4 Absent Absent Absent Absent
Episode 5 Absent Absent Absent Appears
Episode 6 Absent Absent Absent Appears
Episode 7 Absent Absent Absent Appears
Episode 8 Absent Absent Absent Appears
Episode 9 Absent Absent Absent Appears
Episode 10 Absent Absent Absent Appears
Episode 11 Absent Absent
Episode 12 Absent

Quotes Edit

Social Media Edit

He appears in Hei Briskeby but doesn't have his own social media accounts.

Notes and Trivia Edit

  • He has been seen wearing nail polish.
  • He is a part of Hei Briskeby and was the centre of one of their videos (which was about him trying to get a job).
  • Elias said he is the technical manager of Hei Briskeby.
  • He knows sign language.


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