Linn Larsen Hansen is a recurring character in the second, third and fourth seasons of Skam. She is Noora, Eskild and Isak's roommate.

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Friday March 18, 2016 (5.05PM)
Linn asks her about school, stating she hated high school because the teachers had no sympathy. "The curriculum is for everyone. Easy for them to say" she states. She then comments how they're the performance generation and they had it harder. She states she needed a year off.

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She is very quiet but makes witty quips and one liners. She doesn't seem to get embarrassed easily and dances at parties. Many people think she is severely depressed.

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She is tall and has red hair. Her build is slender. She is quite pale.

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Character Appearances
Season 1 Season 2 Season 3 Season 4
Episode 1 Absent Appears Appears Absent
Episode 2 Absent Absent Absent Absent
Episode 3 Absent Appears Appears Absent
Episode 4 Absent Absent Appears Appears
Episode 5 Absent Appears Absent Absent
Episode 6 Absent Absent Absent Absent
Episode 7 Absent Absent Absent Absent
Episode 8 Absent Absent Absent Appears
Episode 9 Absent Appears Absent Appears
Episode 10 Absent Appears Appears Appears
Episode 11 Absent Absent
Episode 12 Appears

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I've probably had chlamydia like 13 times.
— Linn in 4x08
I once sent a used tampon to a girl that made out with my ex.
— Linn in 4x09

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Linn doesn't have any known social media.

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  • She and Eskild share a clip in the last episode




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