Jonas Noah Vasquez is a recurring character in the first, second, third and fourth season of Skam. He is a student at Hartvig Nissen. He is the best friend of Isak Valtersen and boyfriend of Eva Kviig Mohn.

Early life

Jonas started dating Ingrid in 9th grade. They broke around summer in 10th grade because Jonas was seeing Eva behind Ingrid's back.

Throughout the Series

Season 1

Tuesday September 22, 2015
Jonas is reading his essay to Eva in the courtyard, asking her opinion on it. He explains why he wrote certain things the way he did when she mentions them. Then, he notices how Eva gets distracted by the Pepsi Max girls walking by. He tries to make Eva feel better and leans in for a kiss, but they get interrupted by Isak. They discuss the grade they got, which Eva deflects upon, and Jonas agrees with Isak's logic that he will find out anyways because of the fact that Jonas tells Isak anything. Once Eva admits her grade, Isak tells Jonas it's time to head to Elias.

Later that night, while Eva is skypeing with Isak, Jonas knocks on her window and he makes his way inside. They greet each other with a kiss before Eva explains she tried to call him. Jonas replies, stating his battery was dead, and Eva wonders why he couldn't charge it at home. Jonas then states he wasn't at home, but with Elias, to which Eva recounts what Isak told her. He asks her if she doesn't trust him, before throwing her on the bed. There he finds her 3 minus essay which he reads out loud, to Eva's annoyance. They kiss again, while Jonas continues to make fun of Eva's essay.

Thursday September 24, 2016
Jonas and Eva are on their way to school and Jonas talks about someone and how he thinks that nobody likes him. Eva interrupts him, asking if they can go to the revue party together. Jonas asks why and Eva explains that the whole school is going, and that they are first years. Jonas echoes her in a mocking way when she recites Argentina, but eventually agrees.

Jonas imposes the condition that he'll only come if Isak can come to the cabin next week. Eva is visibly upset by this. Jonas explains that he knows it was supposed to just be the two of them, but that Isak will have nothing to do. Jonas offers that Eva can take a friend as well. Eva looks away in embarrassment. Jonas tries to cheer her up with a smile and a kiss. He asks what she thinks of it, and Eva agrees that Isak is allowed to come with them. In that moment, Isak joins them and Jonas tells him that Isak is allowed to come to the cabin. Eva says there is one condition: that the two of them come to the party the next day. Isak says they can't. Jonas asks why and Isak replies they have tickets for Kindred Fever. Jonas says he totally forgot about it and it seems genuine. Eva is annoyed and Jonas assures her that he forgot. But Eva doesn't want to hear it, turns away and continues her walk to school. Jonas and Isak share a look before they follow her. We hear that Jonas tries to talk to Eva but she just keeps walking, Isak behind the two of them.

Monday September 28, 2015
As they leave for the cabin, Eva posts a picture of her and Jonas, with part of the caption saying 'Fuck you Oslo losers'. Almost 3 hours later she posts a picture saying they have arrived at the cabin and in the evening she posts a cuddly picture of her and Jonas by the lake with the caption reading "#inlove"

Tuesday September 29, 2015
On tuesday morning Eva and Jonas are in bed making out, when Isak walks in on them. Jonas jokingly agrees with Eva when she suggests sending him home, before they hear Isak singing 'Lonely'. In the afternoon she posts a video of Jonas losing at monopoly. Around dinnertime, a picture appears of Isak and Jonas in aprons. In the caption, Eva jokingly asks who looks best.

Wednesday September 30, 2015
On wednesdaynight, the trio is sitting by the water on the rocks, and Jonas is playing his guitar. Eva defends Isak when Jonas calls 'I'm yours' a gay song. When Jonas receives a text, Eva asks who it's from, insisting a second time when he doesn't reply at first. When he rejoins Eva and Isak, Jonas plays 'I'm Yours' anyways.

Thursday October 1, 2015
While Jonas and Isak are playing a Trivial Pursuit, Eva is reading a book in the living room. When Isak answers Eva a question and she says she won't join, Jonas whispers that she can't answer. When Eva gives the wrong answer, the boys start laughing. Jonas notices Eva's mood and ask her why she is so pissed, moving over to join her on her couch. Eva shoves him off however, saying she is not pissed but she thinks Trivial Pursuit is boring.

When Jonas asks her what she wants to play instead, Eva says she just wants to read. Jonas insists, and Eva suggests they play 'My ship is loaded with'. When they settle to play the game, Eva starts saying "My ship is loaded with Ingrid." Eva and Jonas exchange a look, before Jonas averts the subject by stating 'my ship is loaded with Erna Sjolberg, Eva's answer from earlier'. Eva doesn't think it's funny and they proceed to play the game with proper answers untill a loud bang interrupts them.

Jonas heads outside, followed by Eva and Isak, and they meet Elias, who Jonas invited. Jonas explains Elias asked if he could come, asking Eva 'What should I have said?' to which Eva just stares back at him before going inside.

Friday October 2, 2015
Jonas and Elias are jamming in the living room before they move over to the kitchen, Eva lets Jonas taste the food before Jonas tells her they're going to have a smoke. Eva comments Jonas doesn't smoke, and when Elias replies with "It's a party" Jonas just repeats after him, before heading outside.

When dinner is ready and Eva goes outside looking for them Jonas scares her from behind the wall. Eva comments saying it's not funny, before they head inside for dinner

When Jonas offers for her to plate him up, Eva says he is able to do it himself. When Jonas asks her why she is so pissed all the time, Eva says it's because he's behaving like a jerk. Jonas asks her what he did (to be called a jerk) to which Eva argues he invited people over to a cabin trip that was supposed to be just the two of them, and that he completely changes personalities when Elias is around. Finally she adds he is texting Ingrid behind her back.

Jonas denies going behind her back talking to Ingrid, but when Eva says she knows, he goes on to say they were texting about French. They go back and forth about this with Eva asking 'During fall break' to which Jonas replies they have homework for after the break. Eva argues that if it's about French, she could read the messages. Jonas asks her why, and Eva argues he can read hers. When Jonas asks if they have to read eachother's messages to trust eachother, Eva replies with yes. When Jonas comments saying that is ridiculous, Eva counters with 'This is ridiculous' getting up from the table.

Jonas follows her up and they repeat the argument, with Jonas sticking to the fact that it's about school and saying it's ridiculous that she wants to read his messages. When he asks her why she doesn't trust him, Eva just walks away from him into the bedroom.

Saturday October 3, 2015
Jonas and Eva return from the cabin and are seen getting off the bus. As they say goodbye, Jonas says he will call her later to which Eva replies a simple 'yeah'. Jonas notices Eva is still distant and goes in for a kiss, then continues to apologize. Jonas tells Eva he wouldn't have invited the guys had he known how important the cabin trip was. Eva counters by saying she didn't know it was not important to him, but he argues that it's also important for him to spend time with his friends. Something that used to be important to Eva too. Eva says it is important to her, but not as important as Jonas' friends.

Jonas says he said Eva could bring her friends and during an uncomfortable silence it becomes clear that it's not an easy subject. Jonas goes on to say something, but Eva finishes his sentence implying he meant to say she needs to get new friends. Jonas says it's not what he wanted to say, but Eva states that it's what he's thinking. Jonas admits he doesn't know what the right answer is, and Eva advises him to be completely honest. Agreeing on honesty, Jonas says Eva is the coolest girl he knows, and he calls her pretty, sweet, smart and funny. Jonas says he doesn't know what the problem is, and he smiles at her encouragingly while telling her to get new friends. He finishes by saying anyone who gets to be Eva's friend is really lucky. Eva jokes about how he didn't know what to say, and Jonas claims he nailed his speech. Eva agrees, and then they kiss.

Tuesday October 6, 2015
Around lunch, Jonas and Isak are discussing the word 'culturally' while hanging out with Eva in the corridor. When Vilde and Chris approach Eva, Jonas observes the interaction. As Vilde talks to Eva, Jonas notices Chris looking at Isak. Throughout Vilde's speech about the importance of Russ time, Chris makes eye contact with Jonas and Isak while licking her ice-cream spoon. Once Vilde and Chris are out of sight, Jonas and Isak start laughing. When Eva asks them what's going on, Jonas explains to her what Chris was doing.

Saturday October 10, 2015
Eva and Jonas are in bed and Jonas is asleep. and tried to open his eyelashes. Jonas groans when Eva touches his face, asking what she's doing. Eva asks if he slept well. Jonas says he didn't, because he had a nightmare. Eva asks about what, and Jonas says she was wearing red clothes, that she was drunk and sang "Tonight it's allowed to be a whore."

Eva says he was the one who told her to get a friends, and asks what the problem is then. Jonas says the problem is she doesn't understand that Russetiden is capitalistic. Eva interupts him with 'blablabla' and then tells Jonas that Sana said she should dump him. He asks if she did, and Eva says yes to which Jonas scoffs. He claims Eva wouldn't manage without him for a minute. He repeatedly claims she couldn't, before he leans in to kiss her.

Eva's mother then calls from her from upstairs, and Eva pushes Jonas out of her bed. As Eva leaves the room, Jonas flicks her off.

Tuesday October 13, 2015
Eva, Jonas and Isak are on the bus home. Isak asks who Julian Dahl on instagram is, saying he stalks him. Jonas asks if they'll go to hers, and when Eva says they should go to his instead, Jonas informs Isak that Eva doesn't want to tell her mom they're together. When Isak asks why, Jonas says "She's embarrassed of me." which Eva denies. She says she just doesn't want them to meet when he's lying in her bed. Eva starts texting Christoffer Schistad while Jonas talks about having dinner with her mom. Eva agrees that they'll have dinner, and Jonas asks when. After not replying for a while, messaging Chris, Eva agrees on Friday. When Eva mentions texting 'Vilde', Jonas explains she's the bus boss. Isak wonders since when Eva is on a bus. Jonas says she is, and that it's fucked up. WHen Isak says she thought that herself last week, Eva says maybe she changed her mind.

Friday October 16, 2015
Jonas calls Eva at least 2 times while she is at the Penetrators party, because they were supposed to have dinner with Eva's mom that night.

Saturday October 17, 2015

Eva rings at Jonas' apartment and greets his sister, Thea, asking if Jonas is home. Eva then walks inside and goes to the living room, where Jonas is gaming with Isak, Elias and another friend. Jonas notices her and says 'hi' before Eva goes to sit on the edge of the couch. She asks what they're playing and Isak says they're playing Fifa. Jonas asks where her Russ crew is, asking if she didn't have a shit load to do. SHe says it's only 2 years and 7 months till Russetiden. Eva counters saying she's jealous because they're spending their time on more constructive things like playing games all day long. Jonas asks why she's angry now, and Eva says she isn't, telling her to have some humor. Jonas then gets up, saying he needs to talk to her and they move to the kitchen. Isak calls out after them saying 'Drama.'

Once in the kitchen, Jonas asks what's wrong. Eva asks what's wrong with them and Jonas says nothing is wrong. Eva then asks why he hasn't replied to her messages and he says he was busy. Eva asks if he's not mad she forgot about dinner last night, and Jonas says he's not. Jonas says he doesn't care, and when Eva asks if he doesn't care, Jonas tells her not to stress about it. They go back and forth with 'good, okay' and Eva then says she'll go. Jonas says she's welcome to stay but Eva says she has lots of stuff to do. Jonas kisses her and says he'll call her, and Eva then leaves.

Wednesday October 21, 2015

Eva and Jonas are making out at school when Noora walks up to them. She greets Eva, and Eva introduces Noora and Jonas to each other, after Noora made a comment about Jonas and Eva being on good terms again. Noora then says they have to go to the appointment with the school doctor, and Eva asks about Vilde to which Noora replies she will meet them there. Jonas asks why they're going to the school doctor, and Noora states they're helping a friend to get laid. Jonas frowns a bit, and wishes them luck.

Monday October 26, 2015 Jonas is in the schoolyard with Isak, and arguing with Eva who is sitting on the other side. Jonas says she's mad. Jonas then tells her to text him when she's no longer harsh. Jonas sees Eva interacting with P-Chris.

Tuesday October 27, 2015 Eva and Jonas are at the busstop and when Jonas leans in for a kiss, Eva says he stinks of smoke. Jonas asks what's up, and when Eva doesn't answer says "This doesn't bother him." Eva then says she thinks there's something between him and Ingrid. Jonas asks if she still thinks so, and Eva says she knows she heard her voice on the phone. Jonas explains again that it was his sister talking in the background. Eva asks why Thea would do that, and Jonas explains she did because she thought it was their mom. Eva then asks if his mother wasn't home, saying he told her he was helping his mom. Jonas explains she came home later which is why he called. Eva asks him why he's lying, and Jonas says he's not.

Eva then says it's not working, and Jonas asks what she means. He asks if she wants to take a break. Eva says that's what he wants, and Jonas says he doesn't. He says she has to stop being so insecure all the time. He asks her what's up with her and he says he wants to talk to her. They then have a discussion in the street, in which Eva asks him to just admit it. The discussion seems to calm down after a while. They hold hands and kiss before hugging each other and then they continue walking down the street.

Season 2

Season 3

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Physical Appearance

Jonas has gray eyes and curly dark brown hair, and a somewhat darker complexion than his friends. He has very thick eyebrows. He is of average built and height. He's skinny and good-looking.


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Social Media

  • Instagram: jonas9000

Notes and Trivia

  • Jonas knows how to play the guitar as shown in Season 1, Episode 2 when he played 'I'm Yours'.
  • The character of Jonas (Marlon Langeland) was originally meant to be quite different. When the creator (Julie Andem) met Marlon she decided to make the Jonas more "hipster" like the actor.




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