Russefeiring, or Russ for short, is a Norwegian tradition that graduates in Norway partake in to celebrate the end of their high school career.


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Throughout the Series

Pepsi Max was introduced in Season 1 as a Russ bus including Eva's former friends, Sara and Ingrid. Vilde and Chris were also part of this Russ bus before getting kicked out.

The Penetrators were the first graduating russ bus introduced. The popular status of guys like William Magnusson and Christoffer Schistad helped elevate their Russ bus to the hottest Russ bus of Nissen. Both Pepsi Max and the Girl Squad have partied with them. Most notably was the party in 2x07 where the Penetrators got into a fight with the yakuza. Russ members in Season 1 and Season 2 wore red overalls with their names on.

Throughout Season 2 the girls discus their image and concept, including sponsors, for their Russ bus.

Russefeiring is a major plotline throughout Season 4 where Sana and her girls attempt to buy the bus from Mari. Eventually they are forced to merge with Pepsi Max for financial reasons. When Sara Nørstelien makes malicious comments about Sana as their russ bos, Sana drops out. Noora drops out soon after, and drama ensues when Sana makes a hate account. Vilde, Eva and Noora are seen briefly siding with the Pepsi Max girls, but they end up supporting Sana after finding out she was behind the account. They form their own Russ bus, Los Losers.

Known Russ busses

Other non-Nissen Russ busses:

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