In a whole other universe
— Even to Isak


Having noticed Vilde speak to Isak, Even decides to join Kosegruppa in order to meet him. After the awkward first official encounter in the bathroom, Even and Isak talk outside on a bench, where Emma eventually finds them and they become a trio. Next Monday, Isak tries to learn more about Even. Wednesday, he ends up being volunteered by Vilde to host the pre-drink two Fridays from then, which is when Even catches his attention. Emma interrupts him by inviting him and his friends to their pre-drink that Friday. In the end, Isak ends up blowing them off to hang out with Even, at which time he meets his girlfriend, Sonja. On Monday, Even briefly confronts Isak in front of his friends, returning a cap he left at his house last Friday. At the neon party, they eye each other even while hooking up with their girls, Emma and Sonja. After everyone else leaves, Isak and Even are left to talk and almost kiss but get interrupted abruptly by Noora, who just returned from London. Emma arranges for the four of them, Isak, Emma, Sonja and Even, to have a pregame together before the halloween party. The boys end up ditching the girls and they go for a bike-ride, ending up at someone's pool. They kiss underwater, but get caught and make a run for it. They end up at Isak's, where they spend most of the weekend in his room.

Back at school they talk in the locker room where Even announces he broke up with Sonja. They talk about their parents and Isak makes a comment about mentally ill people which pushes Even away without Isak being aware of it. Even texts him saying things went too fast. Isak sees him that Friday night making out with Sonja, which upsets Isak.

He eventually tries to resolve his internal issues by coming out to Jonas, stating Even has been the reason he has been acting strange. He later tells Magnus and Mahdi, about Even. He previously also talked to Eskild about Even, and he gets confronted with his own internalized homophobia in that conversation, where he says that his feelings for Even don't make him gay-gay.

The boys help Isak reuniting with Even. They have breakfast together the next morning and spend a week living happily in their relationship. On Friday afternoon, they decide to check into a hotel where they sleep together. After this Even's mania causes him to leave the room, and Isak meets up with Sonja who tells him Even is manic. He talks about this with Magnus, trying to understand Even's actions.

When he is at church with his parents he gets a text from Even, and a concerned Isak rushes to Even at the school. Isak takes Even home with him, and looks out for him during his depressive episode, enlisting the help of the Kollektiv. At the end of the season Even attends the Kosegruppa Christmas party, and Isak agrees to Even's proposal to meet his mother. When talking to Eva about his relationship with Even, Isak mentions things are hard, but that he is happy he has met him, because it has changed him.

At some point before the start of Season 4 they decide to move in together, which they do at the beginning of the season. They are seen kissing at school, to which their friends are supportive. It is revealed Even hasn't told Isak about his past at Bakka yet, and he has an agreement about this with Sana. Eventually Even is confronted with this past when the Balloon Squad show up at Syng, but Isak is supportive of him while he is on stage singing.

Isak's jealousy then gets him into a fight with Even's former friends, which then escalates to involve Isak's friends too. They go to the hospital, and Isak returns to school with a black eye. Isak and Even's relationship is doing okay despite of this. They attend Eva's birthday party together, by which time the tension with Even's friends from Bakka seems to have faded, and they party together.

Even has prepared Isak's birthday video for the past several months which he instructs Isak to find on youtube on the day of his birthday, when they meet up at school. Even buys Isak beer and they drink together, before they're faced with a homophobic comment. Even calms Isak down and redirects his attention back to the fact that today they're having a party for his birthday. They meet up with friends at the park. They ditch the party early.

Isak and Even both attend the Eid-party hosted by Sana later that week, where they enjoy the good food. Isak proposes Even could make some of the food, and they settle on making it a date. Isak then suggests he wants to do stuff, and comes up with the idea of taking a trip to Marocco, which Even excitingly agrees too. At the end, they listen to Jonas' speech held at the party.</div>

Throughout the Series

Season 3

Even and Isak were the main couple in Season 3

In Season 3, Episode 1 Isak first spots Even in the school cafetaria. Later on they interact for the first time at the Kosegruppa meeting. Isak left the event early to escape and met Even in the bathroom where he used all the paper towels, handing one to Isak and telling him to meet him outside. They sit down together to smoke. Even is fooling around, talking about Even transfering to Nissen until Emma appears. Even introduces himself to her, so Isak learns his name. He states that Isak is in a group with him after Emma asked to form one, and eventually they settle on being a group of three.

In Season 3, Episode 2 Isak is searching for Even online but can’t find a social media profile. In school they have eye contact at the schoolyard for a moment and Isak later on finds a video made by Even and Mikael at his old school. Isak discovers Even is into films as he talks about his project and his favourite director, Baz Luhrmann. Isak watches “Romeo & Juliet” at home after this.On Friday, he meets Even in the tram after school. He want to pick up some beer but isn’t 18 yet so he asks Even if he could help him. Even agrees but comes out of the store quickly because he forgot his ID. Both go to Evens home to get it but they eventually stay to smoke and drink some beer. They make Kardamom-Toasts and Isak ditches on the party with his friends that night. In the end Even's friends show up including his girlfriend Isak knows nothing about.

In Season 3, Episode 3 Isak is facing shit by his friends for ditching them in favor of hanging out with Even, which he lies about. Even then shows up in front of his friends, returning Isak's snapback. On Friday Isak hosts the pregame for a revue party at the Kollektiv, which Even also attends. Even interupts Isak kissing Emma and they talk. They then dance across the room from each other but they make eyecontact when they're kissing Sonja and Emma respectively. Even helps Isak clean up the beercans and they talk about Sonja before Even moves in to kiss Isak. They get interupted by Noora returning home.

In Season 3, Episode 4 Isak hosts another pregame with Emma, Sonja and Even. They end up ditching the girls to go for a bike ride, and they end up at a pool. After some banter they have a breath-holding competition n which Even cheats by kissing Isak and startling him. In the second round, refusing to give up the victory by cheating, Isak kisses in return. They're kissing until they get interupted by a little girl, and they quickly exit the pool before getting caught.

In Season 3, Episode 5 Even and Isak are in Isak's bed kissing, cuddling and smoking. They talk about life and Even explains his vision of a person being the director of their own life-story. Isak counters with his theory on alternate universes, which Even states freaks him out. When Eskild knocks on the door they discuss how Isak ended up at the Kollektiv. After being reminded of how fucked he is about Sonja, Even asks if he can stay with Isak. Isak says he can. The next day however Even is gone regardless, though he has left a drawing. They don't interact until Wednesday because Even briefly goes off the radar, but then he awaits Isak in the locker room. He tells him he broke up with Sonja and they kiss. When they discuss what their parents would think, Even learns Isak's mom isn't well. When Isak makes a comment about his life being better without mentally ill people around him, Even is seen to be affected. Later that night he texts Isak saying things went too fast. Isak goes to Emma's party at the encouragement of his friends, and he sees Even there. He manages to get in and is confronted by Emma for leading her on despite being gay. Isak then sees Even and Sonja kiss, and he goes on lashes out at his friends and random trees, hurt from what he saw.

In Season 3, Episode 6 Isak spots both Even and Emma in the schoolyard but walks past them. Even then runs into Isak in the cafetaria and makes a comment on his cheese toastie without cardemom. Isak avoids talking to Even by walking past him. Isak later comes out to Jonas, saying his recent behaviour was due to someone he liked. Jonas gueses correctly that it is Even.

In Season 3, Episode 7 Isak comes out to the boy squad, stating he had a thing with Even. In the evening, the boys help Isak with texting Even. Isak kicks them out when Even shows up. They reunite after the brief exchange of 'halla's, and after an intense kiss Even spends the night.

In Season 3, Episode 8 Isak wakes up in an empty bed but he soon finds Even making breakfast in the kitchen with his roommates. Even then sings along to '5 fine frøkner' trying to convince Isak that it's a good song, by lipsyncing the song and kissing him. Isak calls Even the 'man of his dreams'Back at school, Isak introduces the boy squad to Even. Later on, Isak and Even meet up at Kaffebrenneriet, where Isak types a coming out text to his mom. Even surprises Isak by saying he booked a hotel suite for them. Even is supportive and proud of Isak as they check in, and the night continues with them having sex. Afterwards, Even is very restless. He ends up leaving, naked, and Isak follows him outside. Isak searches for Even in the streets of Oslo, until he calls and meets up with Sonja, who tells him that Even is bipolar.

In Season 3, Episode 9 Isak does research on Even's mental illness, while Even sends him lyrics to 'Cherry Wine' by NAS. Isak then tells Even to stop texting him because he doesn't understand. Magnus advises him to talk to Even however, after explaining his mom is bipolar too. On Friday, Isak goes to church with his parents when he gets a text from Even, implied to be a suicide message. He goes to the school, while he has flashbacks of his relationship with Even. Isak thinks he missed him, but then Even exits the opposite building. They walk towards eachother and Isak kisses him softly, before embracing him. Isak tells Even that he is not alone.

In Season 3, Episode 10 Even is experiencing his depression while sleeping in Isak's bed. Isak stays awake the entire night watching over Even, and calls Sonja the next morning, to ask for advice on how to handle things. Isak then uses Sonja's words to come up with the game "Minutt for Minutt" which means they won't stress about what will happen or what could happen.Isak asks the help of the Kollektiv to watch over Even while he is at school. When Isak returns on Wednesday, he finds Even playing fifa with Linn. When Isak mentions hosting the pregame for Kosegruppa, Even then tells Isak he was at Kosegruppa to meet him. At the party, Even interacts with Isak's friends by helping Magnus. As the other boys leave, Isak and Even kiss. They talk about Isak meeting Even's moom.Sana then interrupts them, gifting Isak the 10% she bargained from him earlier in the season. Isak prevents Even from having any. Isak jokes it's his job and that Even's mom hired him to be Even's boyfriend.Later during the night Isak talks to Eva about Even and when she asks if he is the man of his dreams, Isak says that he doesn't know but that it's not important. He explains things are really good when they're good and really bad that they're bad, ending by saying that life is now.

Season 4

In Season 4, Episode 1 Isak is seen moving out and it is revealed he is moving in with Even.

In Season 4, Episode 2 Isak and Even are making out in the biology classroom before Sana arrives. They then talk about Isak having to study at school instead of home. When Even complains, Isak states that he has to study to get a job. The conversation then shifts to people who have dropped out of school like Al Gore and Steve jobs. At the end of the scene, Isak notices Mikael on a picture on Sana's computer. Isak wonders if it's Even's friend from Bakka and later on asks Sana about it. Sana confirms, Mikael went to Bakka.


"I've never felt anything quite like this before"
— Even to Isak
I suggest that you just screw talking about the future and then the two of us will just take this thing completely chill.
— {{{2}}}
Let's play a game. It goes like this. It's called "Isak and Even, Minute by Minute"
— {{{2}}}
"You are not alone"
— Isak to Even
As long as you’re smiling and… wearing clothes
— Isak to Even

Notes and Trivia

  • Even and Isak moved in together in April 2017
  • Even and Isak went on their first holiday together in summer 2017, to Marrakesh.
  • Even cheated on Sonja at the end of episode 4 and beginning of episode 5 to hook up with Isak.
  • Henrik Holm (Even) and Tarjei Sandvik Moe (Isak) kissed in a kiss cam at the Gutten er Sulten awards.


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