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Jonas and Eva had a rocky start and their relationship began by Jonas cheating on Ingrid. They were together throughout most of Season 1, from before Summer 2015 untill Christmas 2015. Eva cheated on him by hooking up with Chris because she thought he cheated on her. Jonas hid that he hung out with Ingrid's brother to get weed, leaving Eva to assume he was with Ingrid behind her back. Jonas told Eva to find her own identity, and shortly after they broke up.

They remained amicable, Jonas even shows Eva the nudes girls have sent him on Snapchat. They hang out with Noora in 2x01 and she finds them remaining friends odd. In early Season 2 Eva appeared jealous of his new relationship with Isabell. They talk several times later on that season, especially in relation to the Yakuza fight. In Season 3 they appear friendly but they aren't close, and Eva is mainly seen hooking up with Penetrator Chris. Throughout Season 4 they don't appear to interact much. Jonas dated Emma and Eva had a thing with Chris. In Season 4, Episode 10 it is revealed they hooked up for the first time since their break-up. At the Eid-party they hookup up again, and are assumed to have gotten back together forever.

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