Eskild Tryggvason is a recurring character in the second, third and fourth seasons. He is the room-mate of Noora Amalie Sætre, Isak Valtersen and Linn Larsen Hansen.

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Eskild is a quirky, hilarious and confident gay male, he is proud of who he is and is very open.

Physical Appearance

Eskild is a tall, slender guy of medium build, he has blue eyes and short red hair.




Eskild is seen very proud of Isak when he announces he and Even are a thing, but later Eskild is disappointed because of Isak's comments on other gay men, like Eskild. He educates Isak on gay pride and the two of them are seen a bit at odds. Isak later goes to Eskild for advice, which pleases Eskild. He titles himself Isak's guru. After the hotel, Eskild cancels his plan to return home and be there for Isak.



Even and Eskild's friendship started when Even started spending time at the Kollektiv. Their first run-in was in the bathroom, and later Eskild talks to Isak about Even coming over in the future. When Isak explains Even's behaviour recently, going back to Sonja, Eskild states few men leave their girlfriends. After Even and Isak reunite, Eskild and Noora are in the kitchen where Even is cooking. Eskild appears very hospitable towards Even, and when he lands into his depression, Eskild sets up a plan to get the Kollektiv to watch over Even, including reports. In the end of Season 3 they are seen hanging the mistletoe, laughing.


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It's Britney, bitch.
— {{{2}}}
You know you don’t have to deal with everything in the world on your own
— Eskild to Noora
Isak: What are the characteristics of a gay guy?
Eskild: Okay. A clue, for example, is when someone starts talking about sucking dick with a stranger.
— Eskild to Isak, S3 E2
Isak, you can say a guy's handsome without being gay
— Eskild to Isak, S3, E2
People leave their wives and kids for the one they love
— Eskild to Noora, S3 E4
I'm just trying to be myself, Isak.
— Eskild to Isak about being gay
Before you’ve fought that battle yourself and dared to stand up for who you are, you should be fucking careful with raising yourself above gay pride
— Eskild about gay pride
It's very painful to feel heartache and you think it's never going to end, but it does.
— Eskild to Isak
It's you and me against the world
— Eskild to Linn


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