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Elias Bakkoush is a recurring character in the fourth season of Skam. He is Sana's older brother. He owns the YouTube channel Hei Briskeby.

Early life

The Bakkoush family are from Morocco. He is the middle child and his siblings are Sana and an unnamed older brother.

He attended Elvebakken with Adam, Mikael, Mutasim, Yousef, and Even (until Even dropped out of school).

Throughout the Series

Season 4

In Season 4, Elias is taking a gap year and living at home with his parents and Sana.

Tuesday, 11 April 2017 (5:50pm)
When Sana arrives home, Elias is playing a game with his friends. Sana asks them what's up and his friends suggest to let her try the game because she's good at basketball. Elias says that she learned from him, and Sana retorts saying that even their mother is better than him. Elias says that if she succeeds, he'll do whatever she asks for a full week. His friends tell him to not do it but Elias remains confident. She asks Elias to swear it and he does, saying that his friends are witnesses. His friends don't appear confident and Elias reassures them that it'll be okay.

Adam explains how their game works, where she has to throw the sock into the lamp exactly when Nate Dogg says "smoke weed every day" in the song "The Next Episode". Sana thinks it's easy, so Elias tells Sana that she has to do whatever he wants for a week if she loses. Sana tells him that's not part of the deal and he asks if she's afraid of failing. His friends tell him he's gonna regret this, but Elias insists he's never wrong and tells them to pay attention to Sana. Sana throws the sock way too early so Elias asks Sana to make tea for them. Sana says his friends aren't part of the deal but Elias replies saying they're his guests. Elias calls her a "slave woman" then quickly apologizes, tells her it came out wrong, and that it was wrong of him.

Wednesday, 12 April 2017 (2:06pm)
Elias texts Sana while she's eating with her friends and asks her if she's at home because he forgot his key. Sana tells him to call their mother, but Elias says they won't be home and he needs to get home now. Elias tells her that she has to meet up with him because she lost the bet. Elias tells her he's working out and he is seen exercising with his friends. Sana, annoyed, throws the keys to him. Elias and his friends introduce themselves to Sana's friends.

Friday, 14 April 2017 (8:17pm)
Elias and his friends approach Sana and her friends while Elias is carrying balloons, then he gives them to Vilde. They all go to a house party together.

Saturday, 15 April 2017 (1:24pm)
Elias is with Yousef in the Bakkoush living room. Sana tells Elias to turn their music down as she's trying to pray, and Elias tells her to chill. He tells her that her friends are hot then asks why she hasn't told him that she's on a russ bus. Sana tells him there are a lot of things she doesn't tell him. Elias asks if she's told their mother and she says she doesn't care, but Elias says she does. Elias tells her that he was on a russ because he's a boy so he doesn't get hate. He says he doesn't want people to hate her and it's for her own good. He tells Sana to say hi to Noora from him, then tells Yousef she was really good looking.

Saturday, 22 April 2017 (11:31am)
Elias is chatting and laughing with his friends in their living room while his mother is in the kitchen with Sana. When Yousef and Sana are in the kitchen, Elias asks what's taking Yousef so long to come back to the living room. He tells Yousef that the boys are waiting and to stop flirting with his sister.

Friday, 28 April 2017 (7:42pm)
Sana invites her friends and the Pepsi Max girls in their house for a meeting about their bus. The other girls have alcohol and start dancing in their house with loud music. Elias and his friends arrive home and asks what's happening here because their parents are back from the wedding they attended. He tells Sana to hurry and get them out now. He helps Sana to get the girls out of the house while Sana collects all the alcohol bottles. He scans the room and tells Yousef to grab one of the bottles. He and Yousef talk to Elias and Sana's parents as they arrive. Their father spots a bottle and Elias tells him it's not his.

Friday, 5 May 2017 (8:05pm)
Yousef calls Sana while she's hanging out with Noora, saying he doesn't know what to do with Elias. Elias is completely drunk and wants to go home and sleep but Yousef doesn't think it's a good idea. Noora and Sana meet up with them to bring Elias to the Kollektiv.

Saturday, 6 May 2017 (9:58am)
Sana can hear from her room their mother asking Elias where he was all night, and he says he was at Yousef's place. However, she says she saw Yousef with Sana outside last night. Their mother continues to ask him repeatedly and Elias becomes annoyed. When her mother mentions how he should be a role model for Sana, he's irritated for bringing Sana into this and says she can take care of herself. Their mother asks if there's something between her and Yousef, but Elias declines to answer and says she should ask Sana directly. He tells her to stop being so skeptical and start trusting her children.

Thursday, 11 May 2017 (3:43pm)
While Sana is playing basketball to release her anger, Elias tells her he heard her and their mother arguing. They play basketball together while talking and Elias casually asks about Yousef. Elias smiles because he can tell that she likes him, but Sana denies this and Elias smiles knowingly.

They sit on the swings and he tells her that Yousef is a nice guy. He tells Sana that even people who claim they believe in Allah do things like drink, steal and vandalize. He asks her what's more important: saying you believe in Allah or living like you believe in Allah. Elias says the most important thing to him is that his sister is doing well with a good guy, not just someone who goes to the mosque. He says their mother just wants the best for them but was born in a different country and time, so she doesn't know what it's like to be them. Elias tells Sana to stop having a sad face because he's also sad when she is. Sana asks if he and his friends want to go to a party tomorrow and he agrees.

Friday, 12 May 2017 (8:39pm)
Elias and his friends enter the karaoke bar while Even is singing and Even becomes uncomfortable. After some time, Elias and his friends (except Yousef) are seen outside the karaoke bar fighting against Mahdi and Jonas.

Tuesday, 23 May 2017 (5:36pm)
Elias and Sana's parents are chatting with Sana in the kitchen when Elias appears with his friends. Elias tells his parents they're going to the football court, and their father says to bring water and play nice. Their mother offers Elias and his friends carrots before they leave.

Saturday, 27 May 2017 (3:09pm)
Elias tries to play basketball with Sana and Yousef but Sana is still mad at him because of the karaoke bar fight. Elias asks how long she's gonna be pissed at him and Sana ignores them both while playing basketball. He says he didn't know Isak was her friend but she continues to ignore him.

Sunday, 28 May 2017 (5:29pm)
From her room, Sana can see Elias and his friends (except Yousef) chatting. Elias asks where Yousef is and Adam says he's meeting Noora. Adam tells him they have a thing and Elias says that sucks (possibly because he knows that Sana likes Yousef).

Saturday, 3 June 2017 (11:22am)
Elias is laying on the couch, possibly editing a video for Hei Briskeby. Sana apologizes for being mad then asks why he isn't friends with Even anymore. He says Even doesn't wanna be with them anymore so they can't make him. She asks if it has anything to do with Even trying to kiss Mikael and Elias says no, and that a lot happened. He says Even started doing a lot of random stuff and they tried to get him to chill but it didn't work. Even started to skip school so Elias talked to Sonja and she told him Even was depressed. Elias and his friends tried to call and text him frequently, but Elias says it's his decision if he doesn't want to hang out. Sana tells him he's dating Isak and Elias shrugs.

Friday, 9 June 2017 (7:18pm)
Elias is seen chatting with Mikael, Even and Isak. Magnus introduces himself to Elias and tells him he knows his girlfriend, Vilde, and Elias is confused. However, he tells him she talks frequently about Magnus (to ease Magnus' insecurity and jealousy) and Magnus sounds very happy. Elias is then seen dancing with Mahdi in front of everyone.

Sunday, 11 June 2017 (3:46pm)
Elias is playing Kubb with his friends. He asks Yousef when he's leaving for Istanbul. He tells his friends they can't eat together the day before Yousef leaves because he's not free, but he won't tell them why and insists that Thursday is better than Friday.

Elias doesn't have a speaking role in Episode 10. Via Messenger, he helps Eskild with Sana's gift. He tells Eskild to go to Grønland and ask for a standard Eid package. He also trolls him by telling him to input the code backwards when paying because Arabic countries read from the right (which is true but this doesn't apply to numbers). He appears in the show's final clip chatting with various people.


Elias is a caring and protective person to his family and friends, and he also extends this to other people. In Hei Briskeby, he usually tells their viewers that they look good no matter what. After meeting Magnus for the first time in Eva's party, he makes Magnus feel better by telling him Vilde talks about him a lot (even though he doesn't know Vilde that well and he just met Magnus). Isak told Sana that Elias punched him after Isak punched Mikael out of jealousy.

Physical Appearance

Elias has an olive skin complexion. He also sports a buzzcut. He is of average height and built.


Family relationships

Elias has a good relationship with his younger sister. He is protective of her and gives her helpful advice. When their mother asks him what's up with Sana and Yousef, he tells her to ask Sana herself and that she can take care of herself. Sana didn't want to talk to Elias much after Elias punched Isak. She apologizes to Elias after she finds out why Elias punched him. Sana tells Isak that he doesn't want her to wear the hijab because he doesn't want her to get hate, and that people spit after him when they walk down the street because they think he's oppressing her.

Elias and Sana's mother are protective of her children, which has caused minor arguments between Elias and his mother. When Elias was drunk and didn't come home, his mother asked him numerous questions which annoyed him. She is also fond of his friends and asks them if they want food before they go.

Elias and Sana's father is relaxed but also authoritative when necessary. When he saw a vodka bottle the night that Sana invited other girls, he asked Elias and Yousef who owned it and why it was here. In Episode 6, he is shown to be fond of Elias and his friends.


Elias' friends are frequently shown to be inside the Bakkoush family home. Elias appears to be the closest with Yousef. They all chat, play games, and shoot videos for their YouTube channel (Hei Briskeby).


Character Appearances
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What is more important, to say that you believe in Allah or live as if you believe in Allah?
— Elias to Sana in 3x05
You have to stop being so skeptical and start trusting your children.
— Elias to his mother
You have to stop having such a sad face. Because when you’re sad, I’m sad too.
— Elias to Sana
A lot happened. The guy (Even) just started doing a lot of random stuff. Then he tried kissing Mikael, among other things. And we tried to get him to chill, but it didn’t work. Then he dropped out of school and I talked to Sonja and she told me he was depressed. And when she told us we tried to call him and text him a lot, but… So it’s his deal if he doesn’t wanna hang out with us.
— Elias to Sana

Social Media

Elias only has one post on Instagram. He uses his YouTube channel more frequently.

Notes and Trivia

The actor who plays Elias is also Moroccan.


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