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Christoffer Schistad, better known as Chris, is a recurring character in the first, second, third and fourth season. He is a former student at Hartvig Nissen, member of The Penetrators and best friend of William Magnusson.

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He appears like a secure person who knows exactly what he wants. It's extremly friendly with everyone he's interesting in, but he can also turn into a bad temperature guy, inclines to fight and disputes. He seems to be selfish and egocentric most of the time, but he also knows how to care about people who are important in his life.

Physical Appearance

He has green eyes and brown and short hair in season 1, 2 and 4 (during the last season he's joining the army, so his hair are obligatory short) while he has longer and a little bit blonder hair during season 3. He's skinny and tall, he's extremly good looking and he has a charming smile, that he uses mostly with girls.

He has a casual style and he usually wears something dark.


He and Eva meet for the first time during a party, while she's looking for "Chris", trying to help a crying Vilde in the bathroom of the pub. She take him away from the dance floor, but finds out he's the wrong Chris and Vilde actually needed Chris Berg. Eva decides to leave and Christoffer calls her "dicktease”, for leaving him alone.

They meet again at school, where she finds out he's one of '97, third years boys and part of the Penetrators, the most influence Russebuss of Nissen. They start talking on instagram, after the girls ask Eva to make him a friend (but flirty, as Sana suggests), so they can have some privileges and they take part to the coolest party on the boys buss. Lately, Eva fights with her boyfriend Jonas and at the Halloween party her and Chris have their first kiss. Eva finds out he has a girlfriend too, so she asks him to not say anything and keep this secret, because they're both in a relationship: Chris tells her he will keep his mouth shut, because he don't want to screw up his relationship with Iben. But when everybody finds out the truth, Eva and Iben fight and Jonas and Chris too: both the couples break up. Eva realizes Chris is a fuckboy and she become friend with Iben; she tries to fix, at least, her friendship with Jonas and accept the new situation. She doesn't not seem to be mad at Chris and herself anymore, while he shows up at different parties organized by The Penetrators, where he sometimes make out with random girls. But when Noora starts to hook up with William she sees Isak and Chris in the last one's car. She thinks they're dating, so Noora tells Eva what she saw and the redhead thinks a plan to make out with Chris, tests him and proves if he's gay, or not. They make out during a party on his Russebuss, but an Isak's call interrupts them and she thinks they're really dating: at the end, she finds out that Isak and Chris became friends (or a sort of) to fight the Yakuza guys, a rival group who previously beat Chris and his friends, and later Jonas too. In the girls group chat, Eva talks a few times about Chris or calls his name out, until she admit they're now friends with benefit. They both make out and sleep with other people, but when Chris is no more a Nissan student, she invites him at parties anyway (at hers or at others, they don't seem to care if it's a 2000's party and that they're older) and kiss passionately in front of everyone. He takes part to the Kosegruppa's Christmas party too, organized by the girls at Isak, Eskild, Lynn and Noora apartment, where he just relax with Eva and her friends, the girls and the group of Jonas too. The two enjoy each other company and laugh together, while they're watching probably a Christmas ball make with a condom. They remain in touch, or are still friends with benefit, after this party: a few months later, she admits she knows about William's new girlfriend in London, because Chris told her, and he also show up at Eva's 18th birthday party. At the 5am of the day after the celebration, the girl posts on her Instagram story some video with him, Eskild and Linn having fun probably at the Kollektiv. TBA

Chris and Iben are in a relationship before the start of season 1, but she's introduced as Chris girlfriend after some episodes. She appears for the first time, after Eva and Chris's first kiss and she cames into the them a few seconds later the fact.

When the rumors about the two comes out, Iben and Chris break up and she starts to bullying Eva. They resolve their issues when Eva talk with her and open her eyes about Chris being an asshole. The two become friends.





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Fuck him. If he makes such a nice girl cry, fuck him.
— Chris to Eva about Jonas
You're a bit brainy. I like it.
— Chris to Eva
And than you came walking by and I was like: "wow, damn!"
— Chris to Eva
I'm crushing a bit on her.
— Chris to Jonas about Eva

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  • The character joins the army on season four because the actor did the same in real life.




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