This is an overview page about the cast of Skam.

Series Cast

Main Cast

Recurring Cast

Minor Cast

  • Astrid Elise Arefjord as Dr. Skrulle
  • JuweriaHassan as Jamilla Bikarim
  • Marit Synnøve Berg as Eva's mother
  • Selma Ibrahim Karlsen as Isabell
  • Sherin Wahab as Mrs. Bakkoush
  • Shoukat Changazi as Mr. Bakkoush

Social Media



Below are the known snapchat account of the cast of Skam.

  • Adam (Adam): ezzari
  • Celine (Iben): celinemn
  • Cengiz (Yousef): cengizal
  • Herman (Christoffer): hermantommeraas
  • Ina (Chris): inasvenningdal
  • Marlon (Jonas): marlonlangeland
  • Mutasim (Mutasim): motta05
  • Simo (Elias): simoeljr
  • Sacha (Mahdi): sachakleber
  • Thomas (William): Hayespp
  • Ulrikke (Vilde): ulrikkefalch
  • Yousef (Mikael): yousefkc
  • Nadia (jamila): nadxx.h


Notes and Trivia

  • Julie Andem, creator of the show, allowed the cast to participate in picking the name for the show from a list of 10 possible options.
  • Josefine Frida Peterssen (Noora) has appeared in the most episodes, as she appeared in 40 out of a total 43 episodes.
  • Lisa Teige (Eva) and Rakel Øfsti Nesje (Linn) are good friends in real life
  • Carl Martin Eggesbø (Eskild) and Theresa Frostad Eggesbø (Sonja) are cousins in real life.
  • David Alexander Sjøholt (Magnus) and Tarjei Sandvik Moe (Isak) are close friends in real life, and attend school (Hartvig Nissen) together.
  • Marlon Langeland influenced Julie Andem to change some aspects of his character, Jonas.
  • Marius Borg Høiby, son of the Norwegian Crown Princess Mette-Marit, is in the final episode of Season 2. He and Thomas Hayes (William) are also friends in real life.
  • While most of the cast was unknown prior to the series, Marlon Langeland, Ina Svenningdal and Herman Tømmeraas were child actors.
  • Like her character Vilde, Ulrikke Falch also had an eating disorder when she was younger.
  • The group of friends that Even approaches in the school yard are Henrik Holm's real life friends, which he brought to set in order to make things look more real.[1]
  • Thomas Hayes left the show after the second season, due to not wanting to be typecast and to persue other opportunities. His character was written out of the show for this reason. Herman Tømmeraas joined the army during the fourth season. Despite of this their characters were mentioned and they returned for 3 episodes in the end of the series.
  • Herman Tømmeraas (Christoffer) and Cengiz Al (Yousef) are on the same dancing team and are friends in real life.
  • Astrid Smeplass (alias Astrid S) had a cameo in the final episode of Noora's season. She is very close friends with both Herman Tømmeraas (Christoffer) and Thomas Hayes (William) in real life. Henrik Holm (Even) has posted pictures of her on his Instagram and seems to be a fan of hers.
  • Ulrikke Falch (Vilde) attended Elvebakken, Even's former school, in real life.
  • Adam Ezzari (Adam) and Yousef Hjelde (Mikael) both attented Elvebakken, but didn't properly meet until the first day of filming.
  • All of Henrik Holm's (Even) scenes included Tarjei (Isak) throughout season 3 and season 4.