The BoySquad is the group of 4 male characters in Skam. It consists of Isak Valtersen, Jonas Noah Vasquez, Magnus Fossbakken, Mahdi Disi and occasionally Even Bech Næsheim.

Throughout the show the boys have a group chat, which has had several names including Katterhookern (Cat hooker) (S3).

The boy squad has a history of being friends with the girl squad and they also have connections to Balloon Squad, The Penetrators and Pepsi Max.

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  • Two out of the members are considered main characters, and Isak was a central characters making this squad the secundary squad of the show

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Relationships and Friendships
Romantic Relationships

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Christoffer and EvaMagnus and Vilde


Girl SquadBoy SquadBalloon SquadPepsi Max
Isak and JonasEva and NooraChris and SanaChristoffer and William

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