The Balloon Squad is the group of 5 male recurring characters in Skam. It consists of Elias Bakkoush, Yousef Acar, Mikael Øverlie Boukhal, Mutasim Tatouti and Adam Malik. Since spring 2017 they have a Youtube channel together called Hei Briskeby. Even Bech Næsheim used to be part of the group, and is now friends with them again as seen in their latest Hei Briskeby video.

They are friends who went to Elvebakken (Bakka) together in the 2015-2016 school year.


Throughout The Series

The existence of the Balloon Squad was vaguely hinted at by the appearance of Mikael Øverlie Boukhal in Season 3, Episode 2 as a friend of Even's.

The Balloon Squad is officially introduced in Season 4, Episode 1 as the friends of Sana's older brother Elias Bakkoush. Their unoffical name comes from their appearance at the end of the same episode, where they gave Vilde balloons as the two groups partied together.

Notes and Trivia

  • The Balloon Squad was first named as such on-screen in a text during 4x08 after the nickname was given to them by the fandom in 4x01 after they appeared with balloons.
  • They work out at a gym together as seen in 4x01.


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