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Main Character of Season 4?

There is a lot of speculation about who is going to be the main character of season 4. Because we may not know until march who is going to be the main character, here I wanna speculate who they may choose as the main character.
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I'm personally split on this topic of who is going to be the main character. Part of me thinks that Sana will be made the lead character for season 4 because of her growing relationship with Isak and how the season ended. Although, another part of me hopes that Even is going to lead season 4 and Sana will lead season 5. I feel this for several reasons. One, the writers have thus far followed a specific format for who leads the next season and that has been that a character in the final scene of the previous season leads the following season. In season 1, Noora was in the final scene of the season and in season 2, Isak was the final character in the season. Two, because Even is a third year, this means that he will be graduating after this season and can therefore no longer lead a season. He was extremely successful and liked in season 3, so it seems weird for the writers to ditch his character. Three, going off of the fact that Even is graduating, it seems weird that the writers would just throw out a character who we've only just began to get to know and for that fact a relationship we only just got to know. We still haven't seen what's in the future of Isak and Even and we still haven't gotten a character with a mental illness and because of Skam's history of inclusion it seems logical for them to have him lead season 4. Sana, I love you, but I think you can wait until season 5 so we can get a little more character development on such a respected character that we won't have another chance to develop.
Sana is popular but I highly doubt she'll be the next lead because her storyline has no build up. Like Jonas is also a popular character but like Sana he wouldn't get season 4 because he had no subplot this season. Vilde and Even are my two top choices because they've had momentum and there's been tons of things hinted about both of them. For Vilde, we have her lesbian tendencies (?), her mom's 'wine' parties, her eating disorder and her relationship with Magnus. Against Vilde there's the fact that her relationship with Magnus was resolved in a really goofy way already. Even is another choice because unlike William who was just a love interest, we learned nothing about him. We learned all about William's past to explain how he is but we didn't get the same for Even. We don't know why he deleted his social media, why he changed schools, how he was diagnosed, who Mikael is etc. Also at the end we heard his phone ding (only happens to mains) and he's the last shot of the season besides Isak and Eva who've had seasons. It seems unlikely for them to break SKAM tradition now. And then there's the fact that Alt Er Love was the final credit screen and is on Even's closet door.
I think we'll probably see Vilde lead season 6 because that's the Russ season and who else to lead except for her.
I think that the most likely main character for Season four is like what you said, Sana or Even. I agree with all your points and they make 100% sense. I would love to see a season for Even, but I hope it has more to do with mental illness and his personal backstory because I think that that would be a new and interesting topic to bring to the show (But don't get me wrong I live for Evak). A character I would really love to see grow more is Chris "Penetrator." Although Chris has been in a lot of episodes, he's constantly in the background, maybe talking for a second or two. Although we already saw William as a main character in season 2 and from what we see they are sort of similar, Chris is a character who I see have a lot of potential to be really interesting and important to the story. I hope t see a season for him at one point in the show. Please reply with thoughts :)
I wrote a blogpost on this because I couldn't possibly contain all of the reasons in a short discussions post :p
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